Care topra MT-02

Care topra MT-02

Convenient Functions Reflecting Opinion of Doctors

Curing program

As shown on Panel, 9 different curing programs are installed.

Adjustable heat output

Heat output, installed in the Topra pack, can be adjusted at 6 levels.

Auto-reset function for safety

In completion of treatment, output volume returns to zero position automatically.

Monitoring Lamp

Monitoring lamp tells when treatment is finished.

Detection system for conducting path failure

By detecting the breaking of wire, and insufficent water level at wet-cloth, then give a warning message as “To check the Topra pack”.

Voice guide function
(Voice navigation system)

Voice guide function installed.

Topra Wave

Deep and Effective. Topra Wave – Unique and Revolutionary Square Wave Current

Compared to the genarally used pulse wave, the Topra wave produces a stronger and longer lasting electrical current. This greatly improves treatment results since the wave can overcome the resistance of the skin and muscle and penetrate deeply to reach the nerve or muscle of the affected area.

Topra pack VS Series

Gently encompass aching places and stimulate
them with heater-incorporated Electrode

Topra pack VS Series have been implemented the increased flexbility by using leather cover and further thinness by using titan polar which allows to fit firmly to aching places.
Furthermore, incorporated heater gives comfortable warmth during treatment.


Model Care topra MT-02
Care topra MT-02 219AGBZX00001000
Class Category Class Category
Designated Control Medical Equipment Qualfied
Qualfied Low-Frequency Therapy Unit
Hot pack combined physiotherapy equipment
JMDN code 70627000
Jan code 4560231570698
Rated Electric Power AC100V ( 50/60Hz )
Power Consumption 150VA
Protection Type against Electric Shock Class I
Protection Level against Electric Shock BF
Operation Mode Category Continuous operation
Safty level of use in air/flammable
anesthetic gas, or oxigen or nitrous
oxide/flammable anesthetic gas
Weight 6kg
Dimensions [W]370X[D]280X[H]155(mm)
Treatment Duration 1~30 minutes
Output Current Max. 50mA (max. at 500ohm loading)
Output Voltage Below Max 100V (at no-loading)
Cure Frequency 1~1000Hz
Pulse Range 0.5~500 (msec)
Output Wave Form Topra Wave

1-4-6 Tanotsu
Higashi-Ku, Fukuoka,