Pain topra LCF-302W/304W

Pain topra LCF-302W/304W


Water Electrode System

Two sizes of electrode fit to any area

Convenient Functions Reflecting Opinion of Doctors

Easy Operation Panel

illustrated instructions and control keys designed in accordance with treatment procedure.

step 2 Setting of Suction Force
Five levels are available.(in topra pack use for heat level.)
step 4 Selection of Treatment Program
six built-in programs

Auto-reset feature
The output volume knob automatically returns to zero when treatment finished.
Alarm sound feature
Alarm sounds are made at the start of suction and finish of treatment for each channel.

Water Temperature Setting

Using the W.E.S system water circulates inside the electrode. The water temparature can be set between 31-41 C

Tray for Electrode

Provides space for holding electrodes and built-in heater warms the sponges.

Topra pack(heater built-in electrode) can also be used.

Topra pack is optional for this model.

Hose Keeper

Prevents electrode cords from falling on the floor.


For compact storage of accessaries.

Clear Color Indication

Color marks on suction electrode and output volume knobs match for easy identification.

Safety Design

Built-in safety system automatically stops current output when an electrode becomes unattached from the treatment area.After re-attachment is confirmed, current output gradually restores to the set level.


Model Pain topra LCF-302W Pain topra LCF-304W
Certification Number 218AGBZX0046000 218AGBZX0045000
Class Category Class II Management Medical Equipment
General Name Low-Frequency Therapy Unit/
Hot pack combined Physictherapy equipment
JMDIN 70627000
JAN 4560231570674 4560231570681
Rated Electric Power AC100V (50/60Hz)
Power Consumption 480VA 640VA
Protection Type against Electric Shock Class I
Protection Level against Electric Shock BF
Operation Medical Category Continuous operation
Safety Level of use in air /flamable
anesthetic gas, or oxigen or nitrous
oxide/flamable anesthetic gas
Weight 66kg 74kg
Dimensions [W]500X[D]600X[H]1430(mm)
Treatment Duration 1~30 minutes
Output Current Max. Max 50mA for 500ohm resistance
Pulse Range 0.5~500 (msec)
Output Wave Form Topra Wave
Output Channel 2 Channels 4 Channels
Treatment Program Setting 6 types (neck,shoulder,waist,elbow,knee,ankle)
Electrodes WES electrode:VP-15,VP-16
Topra Pack VS series (optional)
Suction Level Setting 5 levels
Water Temperature Setting 36~41 C

1-4-6 Tanotsu
Higashi-Ku, Fukuoka,