Multi topra LFS-108

Multi topra LFS-108

Multi topra LFS-108 3 significant features

double current-carrying shift-cross and single

increased performance for intensive treatment and regular treatment

  Feature image of the treatment
shift -cross By synchronizing 2 channels (using both blue cups and yellow cups) in order to make single output, it performs intensive treatment to the affected area.
Obtain more penetrated comfortably mixed feeling to the body.
single Each channel offers treatment each independently.
A sense or stimulation and its effectiveness is same performance as current Celcom topra’s.

New Mode Multi-motion is installed

one step further deep, even under fixed output

There exists some correlation between current frequency whitch stimulates the affected area and body-resistance of the muscles and skins.
Making use of this correlation, by changing the frequency, especialy below 1,000Hz, then current path to the body is to be modulated, and even under regular output, stimulation penetrates freely from the surface to the deep.
This is called Newly developed current carying Mode “Multi-motion”.
Celcom’s Multi topra is equipped with this newly deviced Mode “Multi-motion”.

Program has been made so as to offer complicated but no pain, and efficient result, by changing not only frequency, but also multiple modulation of voltage and difference of frequency between the 2 channels.

multi-channels ( 8 channels) applications

1.intensive treatment as max. 8 channels

by combined usage of shift-cross and single as shown here.

2.multiple treatment ( max. 8 person at one time )

to save patient’s waiting time and bettter turn-over ratio for treatment.


Model Multi topra LFS-108
Certification Number 221AGBZX00114000
Class Category Class II Management Medical Equipment
Designated Control Medical Equipment Qualfied
General Name Low-Frequency Therapy Equipment
Rated Electric Power AC100V ( 50/60Hz )
Power Consumption 190VA
Protection Type against Electric Shock Class I
Protection Level against Electric Shock BF
Operation Medical Category Continuous operation
Safety Level of use in air /flammable
anesthetic gas, or oxigen or nitrous
oxide/flammableanesthetic gas
Weight 57kg
Dimensions [W]500X[D]600X[H]1430(mm)
Treatment Duration 1~30 minutes
Output Current Max. Max 50mA for 500ohm resistance
Pulse Range 0.5~500 (msec)
Output Frequency Below 1,000 Hz
Output Wave Form Output Wave Form
Output Channel 8 Channels
Treatment Program Setting shift-cross 4 types (shoulder, waist, knee, EMS)
single 2 types ( neck/shoulder, waist/ankle )
Treatment mode 2 type ( soft, hard )

1-4-6 Tanotsu
Higashi-Ku, Fukuoka,